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“We have a chance to make history in Higgins. Because unlike other Liberal seats, which are a contest between Labor and the Liberals, in our electorate, it’s a contest between the Liberals and the Greens. Your vote is powerful.”
Jason Ball


Safety for people seeking asylum

All people have the right to a safe place to live and to raise their families in peace. We need to help people who are seeking our protection and treat them with dignity and compassion. There is a better way.

Cleaning up politics

Restoring the public’s faith in our parliament and our government will need people who are in politics for the right reasons. Our politicians should represent voters, not vested corporate interests.


Powering the new economy

We need to invest in clean energy to create jobs and power the new economy by transforming our energy sector from one of the world’s dirtiest into one of the cleanest by 2030.

Julian Burnside“Jason Ball is a man of great integrity. He has shown he is true to his beliefs. By standing up for the voiceless he will bring compassion and decency to politics. His drive to ensure people seeking asylum are treated fairly and with dignity will help to ensure that Australia adopts a more humane approach to those who need our help. And he’s a good bloke.”

– Julian Burnside AO QC, June 2016;
Lawyer, Author, Human Rights and Refugee Advocate

Dawn O'Neill

“Jason Ball is a tireless champion for mental health reform and has made a significant contribution to public life through his advocacy and leadership. He will bring passion, courage and vision to our Federal Parliament.”

– Dawn O’Neil AM, June 2016;
Former CEO beyondblue, former CEO of Lifeline, founding Chair STREAT, Director eWater Systems

Lucy Thomas

“Jason Ball is exactly the kind of person who will drive positive change in this country. His extensive track record in advocacy and social justice is born from compassion, grit and a deep motivation to better the world around him. Jason will inject Federal politics with a healthy dose of courageous, values-centred leadership – frankly he’s a breath of fresh air!”

– Lucy Thomas AM, June 2016;
Co-founder / Co-CEO of anti-bullying program Project Rockit


I'm Jason Ball

In 2016 I seek to represent the seat of Higgins, my local electorate.

As a result of my lifelong involvement with the mental health sector, I have witnessed how government, in the hands of the major parties, has repeatedly failed to meet the needs of the people.

My candidacy is based on the conviction that politics should be a vehicle for change. Politics with integrity, politics with passion, and politics with heart require a new type of politician.

That is the spirit I hope to bring to national government as your next MP.


Together we can ensure prosperity, sustainability and equality for Higgins. But we can only do it with you.

Register your details and we’ll be in touch to talk about how we can work together to make sure that at this federal election, the people of Higgins are standing up for what matters.


Let’s continue creating momentum for the campaign.